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Range: रु971 - रु971

Allen key and Torx Key

Allen key and Torx key are a popular category of hand tools that are used to turn fasteners such as screws and bolts. Allen and Torx keys drive a special kind of bolt fasteners and screws which have a hexagonal depression carved out in its head. The Allen keys and Torx keys usually come in a set which consists of multiple keys of varying sizes. The set sizes vary vastly, from extremely small socket sizes to comparatively bigger ones. Buy Allen key and Torx key online at Kartar Tools Center to drive your bolts with ease and at low prices. The torque delivered by allen and torx keys depends on the length as well as the thickness of the keys. Both the ends of the keys can be used to apply torques of desired magnitudes. Another advantage served by allen and torx key is that is can be easily repaired and conditioned again if it has worn out from use.

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