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Range: रु364 - रु364

Cutting Tools

Whenever you are looking for quality tools that can easily slice through bolts, metal, cable and wire, cutting tools available at Kartar Tools Center are what you can always rely upon. Whether you are looking for heavy duty or light weight cutting tools neatly shave or cut off tough metals effortlessly, Kartar Tools Center is an ideal place to browse through. The bolt cutters we offer you have really powerful cutting jaws that can cut bolts, padlocks and chains hassle free.

Super sharp blades of wire cutter we offer are made to cut through really strong aluminium and copper cables easily. When it comes to cut through sheet metal, aluminium and tin for air conditioning vents and chutes, metal sheers we offer are perfect to opt for. Browse through an array of quality cutting tools and premium knives at Kartar Tools Center and meet your needs proficiently.

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