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Range: रु206 - रु9240


A spanner is a tool used to provide mechanical and grip advantage in applying torque to turn objects, usually rotary fasteners, such as nuts and bolts. Kartar Tools Center offers good quality spanners which are made from high quality steel such as chromium-vanadium. The tools are hardened and tempered for durability and to ensure that they last longer. Spanner set online shopping can be done at Kartar Tools Center and select from a list of products that suits your job the best. You can buy spanners ranging from open-end spanners, ring spanners, flat nut spanners, T spanners, Torex spanner, double ended spanners from reputed brands like Taparia, Venus, Ambika, Jhalini, Stanley, Pye, etc. since different types of tools are required for different jobs, you can buy any kind of spanners and various other products as per your necessity. We assure that trust is maintained throughout by ensuring price transparency on the products, and also understand the importance of time, so we make sure that the product is delivered on right time at your doorstep. The products are efficient and made with premium quality material.

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